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Violent comix by Gary Roberts

Cute chicks undergo brutal tortures in violent comix archive

Do you love violent comix as strong as we do? If you are into enjoying some stunning and cruel Gary Roberts comix, then we are happy to welcome you into our violent comix archive! Get your systems loaded for the most violent comix on the planet… Gary Roberts comix mix aesthetically  acceptable nude female bodies and brutal tortures of these cute girls. Thus, jump in and lay back for enjoying the most violent comix collection on the net.

violent comix gary roberts violent comix gary roberts violent comix gary roberts

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March 20, 2009

Violent comics

Thank you for joining the Violent Comix club! If you are into some extreme quality violent comics, then stop wasting your time and have a look at our website. We brought together the hottest comics on the planet! These chicks have no chance for gaining mercy, all you have to do is lay back and feast your eyes with shocking violent comix! Turn the pages and plunge into the world of abused blondies and their howls of despair. These cruel comix will fuck all other toons out of hell! Have a look at the samples below and join the violent comics experts community…

violent comix  violent comics

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March 17, 2009

Forbidden violent comix

Violent Comix club greetings you! This girl was just a college chick, but now she’s forced to be an obedient toy for her cruel tormentors. They thrust that horrible electric device right into her small sensitive cunt, what a shame! Christine screams like a piggy, but nobody can help her to avoid thousands of brutal tortures… Yeah it really excites, thus, we are pleased to introduce you barely legal violent comix from Gary Roberts and other painters. Gary Roberts comix will beat all other toons out of hell! If you are looking for cute innocent girls undergoing tortures, then stop wasting your time and enjoy right away!

violent comix violent comix

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Greetings! Violent Comix club is not just an image archive featuring the most cruel and violent comix on the net, it’s a whole community where members can enjoy stunning domination toons with no limits! These domination toons narrate about beautiful teenage girls fallen into the maniacs’ clutches. Now their destiny is pain, rough sex and sadistic tortures. Interested? Then jump in and find out the hottet violent comix collection on the planet!

 violent comix violent comix

Exclusive domination toons only for those who understand…

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Welcome to the Violent Comix club! We provide all our members with tons of shocking (and well-known in all over the world) cruel Gary Roberts comix. If you are looking for extreme domination comics with brutal tortures and cute abused chicks, then you’ll appreciate our domination comics collection. It features either Gary Roberts comix, or other similar creations. One thing unites all our content - there’s no mercy for the girls.

violent comix gary roberts violent comix gary roberts

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Welcome to the Violent Comix club. These cute chicks have no chance to avoid un-fucking-believable tortures. Amanda was a common schoolgirl until two burglars made her a slave girl. Now, she’s just a piggy and destined to suffer pain till the end of her life. New Gary Roberts comix about Amanda were just released and holy humpin’ Jesus, it’s a must-see! Anal plugs with thorns, red-hot branding irons, whips and knives become Amanda’s best friends in tens of violent comics from the Gary Roberts art collection. 

violent comix gary roberts 
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February 20, 2009

Gary Roberts comix

Greetings! Let me try to quess why you came into this Violent Comix club. I bet you love Gary Roberts comix - this legendary master makes ultimate and very cruel comix where innocent beautiful chicks undergo murderous tortures. Their tormentors fuck and humiliate them so your hair will bristle up! Thus, you are welcome to enjoy and download full Gary Roberts comix archive! Have a look at theviolent comix samples below and download all Gart Roberts comix, plunge into the world of girls’ screams of pain!

violent comix gary roberts


Gary Roberts comix archive - get prepared for the shock


Ever wanted to see how cruel can a slave girl’s torture be? Dreamt about cruel scenes of teen girls’ abductions, tortures and humiliation? Then you are welcome into the Violent Comix club. Our members have full access to the tons of shocking violent comics where cute teenage girls become pieces of ham in slaughterhouse. Ready for extreme shocking scenes that our violent comics feature? Leave your mercy and welcome to the most cruel comics archive in the web.

violent comix

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February 8, 2009

Girls in torture comix

Welcome to the closed Violent Comix club. This website features some samples of extreme forbidden torture comix drawn by legendary Gary Roberts and other artists. These girls are absolutely powerless, tied up and humiliated, they undergo bloody tortures in hundreds of ultimate barely legal cruel comix. Toon torture scenes won’t please you, they will SHOCK you! If you are ready for the underground violent comix, then jump in and watch hundreds of torture comix galleries. But be careful, they are too hard…

violent comix gary roberts violent comix gary roberts

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Greetings in the private Violent Comix club. Today we made our members happy with more extreme violent comics. Gary Roberts’ violent comix is well-known in the entire Internet, they excite, they awake your inner demons. Do you love watching a drawn sexy girl undergoing cruel un-fucking-believable tortures? Brutal Gary Roberts comix and other painters’ drawings are fully available for our members, so we invite you to come in and get prepared for the most violent comix on the planet.

violent comix violent comix

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